Popular applications of Gamification in E-learning

If you have a learning need, we can gamify it for you!


Gamification tremendously enhances the effectiveness of e-learning courses by making them more engaging and competitive.

By definition, Gamification is the application of Game mechanics (eg. Points, badges, leaderboards etc.) to non-game situations. With the proliferation of Internet, use of gamification has become quite feasible for e-learning as learners can now easily engage with each other in constructive collaboration and competition.

Every e-learning course can be gamified by thoroughly analyzing the learning need, designing the theme and game-play and finally developing modules using the appropriate technology and deploying it.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Better Retention and Recall.
  • Ease of tracking progress and performance.
  • Higher engagement and collaboration among learners.
  • Application of concepts can be easily blended with learning.
  • Increases desire for proactive e-learning.
  • Learners can engage and compete across geographies in real time.
  • Multiple levels ensure proper progression and specific learners can be given customized attention as per their performance.

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Samples of Gamified E-Learning Modules

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