E‐Learning Quizzes & Games

The effectiveness of an E-­Learning course can be gauged through assessments before, during and after the course is taken up by the learner.

Assessments are an integral part of e-­learning and we at XLPro have the expertise to design and develop specific e-­learning games and quizzes using a variety of authoring tools and technologies to address your e-­learning an training assessment needs.

Some of the popular e-­learning assessments include:

E‐Learning Quizzes

Quizzes when used appropriately in an e‐learning module provide consistent feedback to the learner in real time about the level of learning and ensure timely course correction.

Based on the actual application, most quizzes can be run through templates or custom developed with question banks, leaderboards and outcome based actions.

We at XLPro have a complete array of e‐learning quiz templates which can be quickly customized to address your requirement. However, if you have a unique requirement,  we can custom develop a quiz to address it.

E‐Learning Quiz Templates

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E‐Learning Games

In e-­learning, games have the ability to enhance the engagement levels of the learner with the module and thereby increate the retention, recall and application of learning.

Contrary to popular myths, developing e-­learning games is not always costly or time consuming.

At XLPro we develop specific games as per your requirement and also have a wide array of game templates for you to choose from for ready deployment in your e-­learning courses.

E‐Learning Game Templates

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E‐Learning Game Samples

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Custom Developed E‐Learning Games

While developing e‐learning courses of a specialized nature, it is not always possible to fit in a game to assess the learning. To address this specific need we provide custom developed games to address your specific needs.

Our Process:

  • We understand the following details of your requirement

    • Topic/Subject of the e‐learning course
    • Learner profile (Professionals/College/Children etc.)
    • Specific aspects to be assessed: retention/recall/application
    • Preferred technology and hosting requirements
  • Based on your inputs, our e‐learning game designers and developers create a game to address your requirement.

  • We involve you in the complete process through live interactions to receive feedback and live inputs to ensure the e‐learning games we create match your standards and exceed your expectations.

  • Once ready, we thoroughly text the game and deploy/deliver it to you.

  • Sounds interesting? Why don’t you give it a try!

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